A Step Above the Rest

When George and I were looking to replace our old Surveyor fifth wheel and discovered Grand Design's Solitude, we were really excited to see it had Torklift's GlowStep Revolution step system as part of the standard equipment. Mind you, this was back in 2016. Why such excitement, you ask?

We have been customers of Torklift since 2006. Our trucks and campers have been outfitted with Torklift products including the tiedown and Super Hitch systems. They are well-known among the truck camper crowd for their superior products and customer service.

As Torklift started to branch out into more product offerings, we were asked to evaluate their new GlowStep Revolution system on our Surveryor. The steps were super easy to install. It took me 30 minutes to remove the old steps and install the new GlowSteps. They were awesome! We loved the solid feel of them since they went all the way down to the ground and were adjustable to fit the varying terrains we camped in. No more feeling like stepping on a diving board like the factory steps we had on the Surveyor. Torklift's GlowGuide hand rail system we also installed added to the overall security of exiting and entering our trailer. We took our trailer to Alaska in the summer of 2016 and put those steps to the test. They passed with flying colors. Another outstanding product from Torklift!

Torklift's GlowStep Revolution system

When this Solitude that we were looking at had GlowSteps installed, it was just one more positive thing to helped in our purchasing decision.

Fast forward a few years, it was time to replace our aging truck camper. We were having one custom built and something we definitely wanted on the new camper was the GlowStep Revolution system. When you have a superior product with proven performance, why use anything else? 

Torklift has been a past sponsor of several Grand Design owner rallies as well as NATCOA truck camper rallies, and now they are part of the 2024 Rally @ Sea! Please check out their ever-expanding line of products. They are more than just RV equipment manufacturers. Torklift stands behind everything they proudly manufacture in Washington state. I am sure you will come to be a long time customer like George and I are.