Keyless Security

Have you ever locked yourself out of your RV? I did. Or rather, our dog did it for us. We were camping and our German Shepherd Dog, Max, was still in the RV when we stepped outside. Also inside the camper were our keys. Max accidentally locked us out! We normally keep a set accessible but for some reason, both sets of keys ended up in the camper. Time to call a locksmith! 

Those days of being locked out are behind us now. Our campers (yep, both of them) are equipped with the RV Lock keyless entry system. We love how the fob can be programed for both locks. We also like the flexibility of setting our own combinations. 

If you are in the market for a new lockset, check out the product line from RV Lock. While you are at it, replace those CH751 keyed storage compartment locks!

Thank you, RV Lock, for being a part of the 2024 Rally @ Sea!