Protect Your Passport & Credit Cards

Every day the bad guys are hard at work trying to steal your information. As a traveler, we can be exposed even more. Did you know your info can be "pickpocketed" while still in your wallet? 

Pickpocketing is risky, and any thief has to be highly skilled just to attempt it. When traveling or visiting a busy place, people are generally aware of the threat of pickpockets and take steps to protect themselves. But electronic pickpocketing is hard to detect and easy for a thief to execute with some simple gadgetry. In addition, the risk is minimal. With a homemade RFID reader, a thief can scan the cards in your wallet or purse from a short distance. If your wallet is in your back pocket, it’s in a particularly vulnerable spot. There’s a good chance you’d never even see a person who was stealing your credit cards. Search for “RFID skimming” on YouTube and you’ll see several videos demonstrating the ease with which someone can steal a credit card number in just about any public space. 

Enter ID Stronghold!

ID Stronghold created the RFID protection industry in 2005 when they developed the first RFID blocking card sleeve. From there they created RFID blocking badge holders, RFID blocking wallets, and more.  Their mission is to ensure personal information stays personal. The growth of contactless ID cards, passports, and credit cards and the proliferation of RFID in virtually every industry has created a vast number of exciting new products, services, and convenience. Along with the new range of opportunities has come an increased threat to sensitive personal information contained by contactless ID or credit cards - the potential for contactless cards to be read without the owners knowledge or permission. 

ID Stronghold has donated a RFID blocking wallet for the 2024 Rally @ Sea. In addition, participants in the Yes/No game will receive ID Stronghold products. 

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Thank you for your support of the 2024 Rally @ Sea!